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Andrew Barkan is a legally blind composer living in Santa Monica, CA.  He has a dog, a kid, a house, an NPR mug, and a small business. He holds an MA in Composition for Film and Multimedia from NYU, a BA in Orchestral and Jazz Composition from Amherst College, and a Certificate in Choral Conducting from Juilliard.  He’s scored over 40 independent films of all shapes and sizes.

Andrew & Polly(his awesome wife) write music for children, for advertising, and for Nickelodeon’s Welcome to the Wayne, Lily and Ozzie, and Wallykazam! They received the Joe Raposo Children’s Music Award from the ASCAP Foundation in 2012. You can hear A&P singles and live concerts on SIRIUS XM Kids Place Live.

Andrew works from his studio in Santa Monica with local and long-distance clients. He is available to travel for specific projects, meetings, and sessions. To contact Andrew, please e-mail him.

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